The T-Shirt of the Future from John Smedley

John Smedley and “Better Thinking” take sustainable luxury to a new level.

Spring 2008 will see the launch of a new ‘Luxury Redefined’ t-shirt, made from naturally irrigated, organic, fair trade, luxury Peruvian cotton and powered by renewable energy. The result – the world’s most environmentally responsible, ethical and socially positive t-shirt. Founded in 1784 in Derbyshire, England, John Smedley is considered the authority on luxury knitwear. This iconic British brand, combining a heritage of over 200 years of expert craftsmanship with a socially-responsible policy of openness in its manufacture, now looks set to become true fair-trade pioneers.

Dawne Stubbs, John Smedley’s Brand Manager adds “Sustainability is actually part of how John Smedley thinks and works in general. We have always tried to minimise our impact on the environment in everything we do. All of our garments are designed to be loved and treasured far beyond next season”.

The project was launched in October 2005 in a bid for the creation of the worlds most ‘perfect t-shirt’. Following two years of extensive global research and development, the ‘perfect t-shirt’ has finally come to fruition. Using over 35 hand-finish operations, the result is a perfectly-cut crew long sleeve crew neck containing around 1,206,000 knitted stitches with linked seams which eliminates unsightly ribbed seams. The involved process makes for a material that’s so soft that it doesn’t even feel like cotton but more like a cashmere blend. They’re available in different cuts for men, women and children, but only come in a natural cream color (they don’t use any dyes).


The term ‘Luxury Redefined’ signifies the changing tide within the textiles industry, wherein the inherent luxury of a product is not purely the branding, but also in the origins and production of the product. John Smedley identified wholly with this important global trend, and through the ‘Better Thinking” partnership, provides a vehicle for a new wave of ethical dressing.

The John Smedley ‘perfect t-shirt’, is for people who understand the true meaning of luxury in the 21st Century and anyone who wants to enjoy quality garments whilst being environmentally friendly.


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