Pretty Polly Love Legs

Pretty Polly Love Legs Prepare to Bare leg care and leg Bare products consists of 14 products, with a sublime scent and glamorous girly packaging.

The new Prepare to Bare range includes polishers & scrubs that hydrates and nourishes legs to leave them in ultimate condition.  So be it spring, summer or the winter parties you can achieve high-glam legs ready to flaunt and be proud of.  Even ‘leg-shy’ ladies need worry no more with the hip-to-toe preparations and finishes offering leg solutions for all shapes and conditions, covering leg imperfections.

£1.50 to £10.00.
Available from Boots, Superdrug & Debenhamsprepare-lock-in-moisture-oilcourtaulds.jpglegshavebutteropen1.jpg


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One response to “Pretty Polly Love Legs

  1. Stella

    Where can one get a copy ?
    And how do I subscribe ?
    I like it .


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