Your handy to guide to packing the holiday suitcase

Do you find that you pack for every possible eventuality before heading off to catch some much needed summer sun? Well aparently 50% of the clothes that you will pack in your suitcase won’t even get worn.

Eliza Mobbs, celebrity stylist for the Sugarbabes, Twiggy and Alesha Dixon is the new style advisor for Carlton Luggage – which opended its new stand-alone store in the Bullring, Birmingham yesterday – has some handy tips on what to do.

Eliza says that a bit of careful planning and some savvy luggage choices can make all the difference in ensuring you have just what you need for a stylish break. “What you think is appropriate to pack at home never applies once you are at your destination. So often we are slaves to ‘just in case’ syndrome: we pack cardigans for a long haul tropical break ‘just in case’ it turns chilly and then realise when we get there that we only need a couple of sarongs and a few tee shirts. There is also a tendency for women to pack that great evening dress and shoes when going to a sunny resort, only to realise on arrival that they will be over-dressed.”

The Capsule Wardbrobe
Take a neutral capsule wardrobe: Neutrals can be dressed up or down with colourful accessories. Decide which neutrals will form the basis of your holiday wardrobe – black and white or cream and khaki – then add a splash of colour with jewellery, belts and, if long-haul, sarongs.

Pack layers for City Breaks: Layers are brilliant for city breaks as they are flexible enough to take in any weather and occasion. Little cardigans and jackets (a key trend for this season) are a must for when the sun goes down in the evening, and can be accessorised with up to the minute, chunky jewellery for something more formal. For luggage that is equally on trend choose Carlton’s Eclipse range. The collection has a mirror finish and 100% polycarbonate body which is both lightweight and impact-resistant and features rich, organised interiors.

Over-pack accessories rather than clothes. Accessories can make dramatic changes to any outfit – whether a chunky necklace or a splash of colour with a cheerful set of beads. Carlton luggage is perfect for accessory packing as so much of the luggage has lots of internal packets for compartmentalising. On which subject….

Compartmentalise! When you start to pack, it will help enormously to cut down on excess clothes by creating piles of tee shirts, shorts, dresses, swimwear and so on, and then create a short list from them. Once you have your capsule wardrobe, put all like items together in bags (or use Carlton’s compartments) so that you can lay your hands on things quickly – and you can always use those bags to pack dirty clothes on the return journey. Carlton’s Modo range, inspired by eighties bowling bag chic,  feature an expander in the front pocket for packing convenience and an internal divider with a wet pouch.

Bag your shoes. You only need three pairs of shoes for your trip: a casual pair, an evening pair (still casual but more embellished for tropical trips) and a travelling pair – and you won’t need to pack those!. Put each pair in a bag (or luggage compartment, such as those in Carlton’s Modo or Evos ranges) and never let the soles of your shoes come into contact with any silk items as they will snag. However, do stuff shoes with knickers, stockings and other smalls – a great space saver.

Dressy-down: Don’t fold or roll your ‘dressy’ clothes. Instead, lie them flat at the bottom of your suitcase, which will guarantee they won’t get crushed or creased. It is also a great way of saving space. Carlton’s Glider range is ideal for big, dressy items: the ‘Daddy’ of long haul travel, the range is extremely spacious and lightweight-  and a range of vibrant colours to put you in the holiday mood.

Roll out the backpack. If you are travelling light and just taking a backpack, roll all your clothes as this is the best way of getting as much as you can into a small space. And if you are checking baggage in as well, keep at least two days worth of clothes and underwear in your hand-luggage in case your bag doesn’t turn up in the arrivals hall. The Mobius and Groove ranges from Carlton are ideal for these short breaks – they strike the right note in urban style and have a whole range of pockets and compartments.



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  1. Hi,

    Following your comments above on how to accessorize informal clothes with some chunky jewellery, I’d like to recommend an on-line shop I came across recently: They have some really unusual stuff, mostly chunky, which I haven’t actually seen anywhere else in the high street. I’ve now bought from them a couple of times now and I’m really rather pleased with the jewellery and the overall service.


  2. Oh, Thanks! Really interesting. Big ups!

  3. Greets! Really interesting. Big ups!

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