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MATALAN shows off for Autumn/Winter

Matalan shows off this Season with fantastic shapes and styles and very affordable prices. For example those shoes above are only £14 and that dress is only £30 – Its hard to believe isnt it.

For more information have a look on the website


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Full Circle with a Autumn/Winter twist

Full Circle has created some fabulous classic designs for Autumn/Winter. The traditional and considered shapes are given a contemporary twist. Full Circle show their ability to work outside the box creating trend leading fashions with unique detailing.

For more information on this great collection please visit

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Boss Pure is the new male fragrance from Hugo Boss. The fragrance is inspired by the power of water and blended with Mediterranean citrus and enhanced with juicy fig like notes, the heart of the fragrance has notes of lily of the valley and hyacinth. The bottle design is very stylish and modern combining glass and metal. Boss Pure is a subtle, fresh and sophisticated masculine scent.

Eau de Toilette 75ml £45.00
Available Nationwide

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Vaseline® MEN

New Vaseline MEN have extended the range of skin care and cleansing products with the launch of three body washes, two body lotions and a hand lotion. The Vaseline for Men hand lotion & body lotion have a quick absorbent formula with a light refreshing masculine fragrance. Vaseline Men Body & Face Wash range comes in Skin Hydrating, Skin Invigorating & Skin Scrubbing. The face wash range all have
conditioning ingredients that leaves skin looking and feeling healthy and clean.

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Boss Skin Shine Control

New Boss Skin Shine Control for men is the latest addition to the Hugo Boss skin range. Boss Skin Shine Control face wash is a gel cleanser, which ensures that dirt and excess oil are removed from the skins surface, and prepares your face for moisturiser. Boss Skin Shine Control Moisture gel is an oil free formula, which reduces the look of shine, while ensuring that the skin remains hydrated. The range is packaged in a stylish masculine frosted blue.

Boss Skin Shine Control Face Wash 150ml for £17.00 rrp
Boss Skin Shine Control Moisture Gel 50ml for £29.00 rrp

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Style in the city – the experience

Having just got back from Birmingham’s ‘Style in the City‘ event I thought i’d add a bit of detail to my experience.

The Catwalk Show
So the first thing I notice whilst walking through the city is the hordes of women all displaying their large VIP tickets around their neck. Heading up towards Centenary Square where the Catwalk Show is being held there are banners and ‘Style in the City’ logo’s all around.

The Show is held adjacent to the Boutique area (which I don’t get time to look around). The boutique looks a little like a trade fair with small stalls selling a variety of items which somone informs me are a little pricey.

In the impressive room for the catwalk show (all black lined walls) the press area is a great space directly infront of the catwalk for maximum viewing. A VT starts to run where the editor of the Sunday Times Style Magazine proceeds to tell the audience how ‘she has the best job in the world’. We are taken on a journey of the offices and introduced to the rest of the women that work on the magazine and how wonderful their jobs are too – it’s all about the clothes, the style, the shopping, tha celebs and the amazing parties they get to attend (wonderful – I am sure the women in the audience are delighted to hear about what they are missing out on).

So 20 minutes later the show starts with 6 males dancing and brandishing torches – impressive start. Then Kelly Osborne arrives on stage – not the most natural host in the world – she fluffs the couple of lines she has, mispronounces the name of he main sponsor – Jaguar and then comes out with the ‘F’ word by way of apology – NICE!

The theme for the show is titles ’24 hours in the city’ and breaks down as follows:

Part 01 – Women’s day wear
Strong Black & White theme with red hints and fauz fur stoles.

Part 02 – Men’s suiting
Appropiatley the music to the men’s suiting event is ‘Stand up look Sharp’ by Dizee Rascal and this fits the theme of the suits very well – all sharp and business like.

Part 03 – Women’s cross-over
A mix of cute short dresses and over-the-knee socks and boyish slouchy trousers with braces, skinny ties and a mod feel.

Part 04 – Salsa party wear
Bold block colour dresses in all styles with the common theme of them all being loose and un-fitted. The men’s wear includes casual summer suits in white and black with canvas pumps.

Part 5 – bo-ho chic
There is a bo-ho ethnic element to this part with shapeless dresses which include frills and embroidery.

Part 6 – Betty Jackson
Bold colours are back again and this time teamed with bold floral prints as well as ankle socks under killer strapped heels which is a nice touch. An all-in-one striped shorts and top combo makes an apperance – one of my favourite outfits of the whole show. The men’s wear is casual suiting again but in more candy colours.

Part 07 – Adidas
The adidas wear doesn’t look all that sporty and most of it looks like you could hit the clubs wearing it which is probably influenced by the great tribal music and dance choreography that works really well with the look.

Part 08 – Boudoir
Lots of very sext black undies that don’t look all that practical – but then I guess that is the point.

Part 09 – Disorder
The only independent store (I think) to be represented is Disorder who won the independent retailer award late last year. The girls come on inblack lace covered faces and identical black dresses and the boys wear suiting and top hats. They all stomp around to eerie music and strobe lighting and resemble (at least to me) a posse of victorian zombies – which I am hoping is the point otherwise I have got that completley wrong.

Part 10 – The local designers
Much celebrated local designers Jacob Kimmie and Osman Yousefzada both show off a selection of their peices.

Part 11 – The evening
The last part of the show is finished off with all the models showcasing a selection of very elegant evening wear from Harvey Nichols.

The Mailbox
On to the Mailbox to pick up my free shopper bag designed by Christopher Kane which is canvas and very nice quality. It is filled with leaflets telling you what is happeing where, a notepad, some popcorn Snack A Jacks and a bottle of water – very nice. It also has a leaflet for a free glass of champagne in Harvey Nichols where I take a well earned break with all the other ladies that lunch.

The Pavilions
In the Pavilions you can pay an additional £15 and get 5 mini treatments which include: manicure, hair consultation, facial mapping and massages. I don’t bother with that as it look busy so I move on to Selfridges.

I arrive at Selfridges just in time for some entertainment via a kind of trapeze artist who swings around – very impressivley – on bits of material tying herself up and twisting around. It is a scary experience to watch several floors above her. I then move to the style lounge in the store for free Cosmopolitans served up by half naked men. I leave just before Betty Jackson is due to do a Q&A session.

What I missed
The Trinny & Susannah Style Academy at the Bullring – the reason – too scared.
Feel Good to Look Good at adidas – the reason – after the Cosmopolitans I thought it was a bit too late to be talking health.
House of Fraser’s ‘demo heaven’ – the reason – out of time.

The event goes on until Sunday and you can get tickets and more information here.

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L’Oreal Paris Men Expert

L’Oreal Paris Men Expert has launched three new products into the range. From April the range will be colour coded to help men select the right product for their skin type. Included in the range is the first male moisturiser from L’Oreal Paris to offer SPF protection. The other additions are the Hydra Energetic moisturizer that contains Vitamin C and gives tired dehydrated skin an instant boost and radiance to the skin, and the Pure & Matte exfoliating gel wash, a gentle scrub to help unblock pores and eliminate impurities.


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